NEW! RAW CBD Concentrate 550mg-8,250mg RAW CBD REGIMEN Broad-Spectrum Cannabinoid Profile.. Raw Concentrate!


JAR ONLY, NO SYRINGE!!! Sublingual only!

RAW CBD REGIMEN KIT includes Glass jar with Applicator Spoon…Full INSTRUCTIONS SHEET!!

RAW CBD CONCENTRATE 550mg per Gram RAW CBD. All the essential Fats, Waxes, Terpenes, Flavonoids, including a full Cannabinoid Profile. Get the full benefits of Broad Spectrum Oil, with the potency of a filtered CBD Oil. Get the WHOLE PLANT COMPLEX with this new Formula, only from Hempindica!

…..Get Raw Concentrate!!

RAWConcentrate Lab_Report

Current Batch Testing at 64%.

                                            …….640mg per gram

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