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Our CBD pills are a quick and easy way to digest CBD in a pre-portioned, self-contained way. Each capsule has the same dosage of CBD so you can ensure you’re ingesting a consistent amount each time. They’re also a more convenient and discreet option for an on-the-go lifestyle! Explore our many options to find the right dosage and format for you.


Our pure CBD capsules come either filled with CBD oil or CBD powder. Our signature CBD liquid gel capsule comes in a 50 mg strength dosage and breaks down quickly in the stomach for fast absorption and effects. It’s a highly efficient way to deliver CBD to your bloodstream and can even be taken on an empty stomach. Our high-quality CBD powder extract capsules come in multiple dosages for powerful and effective delivery in the strength that works best for your health and wellness needs.


100% pure CBD isolates compressed into a small tablet with powerful health benefits? Yes, please! Our CBD tablets are a fast-dissolving option for CBD consumption in a pinch. Plus, they’re organic, non-GMO and vegan. Tablets are slightly smaller than capsules for easier swallowing and are made of compressed CBD isolates instead of CBD in powder or liquid form. Whichever option you choose to consume is a matter of personal preference, as they all have similar advantages and effects.

Wellness On The Go

CBD is known for the health and wellness support it provides. The chemical supports the body’s endocannabinoid system, helps to regulate hormones and stress, and cab also relieve anxiety and soothe inflammation. Now it’s even easier to consume no matter where you are! Keep a few capsules or tablets handy and get CBD benefits whenever you need them.

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