What is CBD?

CBD is one of over 100 active Cannabinoids found to be naturally occurring in the Hemp Plant

Does CBD get you high?

No.. CBD is Not Psychoactive and does not get you high

What is better, Capsules or Tincture?

Both work well although Tincture can be absorbed quicker than capsules by bypassing the digestive tract.

What is the most popular Hempindica product?


#2 -Full Spectrum 1000mg MCT – Natural Tincture is our 2nd most popular product

What is Raw CBD Extract?

Raw CBD is a Co2 Hemp Flower Extraction that has not been heated and partially Decarboxylated and still contains many original elements of the Hemp Plant such as fats, waxes, chlorophyll, terpenes, and flavonoids.

What does Decarboxylated mean?

The Cannabinoid has been heated, pressurized or affected by light in a way that changes the acid Molecule from CBDA to CBD, for instance.

What is Legal CBD?

Legal CBD is any Hemp CBD product that is <.3% THC, has been 3rd party tested, and has been manufactured only by using Industrial Hemp.

Are there side effects to CBD?

No there are no side affects from CBD.

How long has Hempindica been in business?

Hempindica is owned by NaturalZ, LLC and has been a leader in the Industry since 2015.

Are there discount codes and how do I get them?

Yes, go the chat window, or email gotcbdoil@gmail.com for a coupon code. Moreover, you can sign up for our email list to get the best discounts and offers.

Does Hempindica have any CBD Regimens?

Yes Hempindica developed The RAW CBD Regimen in 2015. Personal Consulting is available.

Does Hempindica have a phone number where I can call and ask questions about my order?

Yes- The current phone number for Customer Service is 719 301-8917, an operator will be there to answer your questions.

When will my order ship if I order from the website?

Most orders ship within 24 hours of ordering- Priority mail or UPS ground. Shipping is always free with Hempindica.

Does Hempindica do wholesale or white label?

Yes Hempindica does Drop ship, white label inventory and branded inventory products to 100’s of stores and warehouses across the globe.

Why are there so many products on the site?

Hempindica has been creating CBD products for 7 years, and we want to make sure we can fill every need out there.

What is CBG (Cannabigerol) and CBN (Cannabinol)?

Cannabinoids naturally occurring in the Hemp Plant.

CBG is the first Cannabinoid formed in the Hemp Plant, all other Cannabinoids are a conversion of CBG, Cannabigerol..

CBN (Cannabinol) is a conversion of THC and has been popular in the last few years.

Can CBD mix with prescription drugs?

Yes, check with your doctor before starting a CBD regimen.

Can I get a custom formulation?

Yes Hempindica does do custom formulations for wholesale and retail too. Just 10 units is required for any custom formulation.

How many products can I order for Auto-ship price?

You can have as many products on Autoship as you want, there’s no limit!

Can I use the powder pills in conjunction with tinctures?

Yes you can combine the different products, keeping in mind the total number of Cannabinoids.

How do I know how much CBD to take in one day?

We recommend that you take your body weight in mg. If you weigh 200lbs, you should be able to process 200mg CBD in a 24 hour period, provided you are hydrated, fed, and have slept.

Will I pass a drug test if I take CBD?

We cannot guarantee if you will pass a drug test, but if that is a concern try the Broad Spectrum or Isolate products, as they are 100% THC free.

Is there a place to ask questions on the website?

Yes go to the chat window and ask, or send an email to customer service @ gotcbdoil@gmail.com

What is the difference between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate?

Full Spectrum is a combination of Cannabinoids including THCDelta9. Broad Spectrum is a combination of Cannabinoids NOT including THC, Isolate is just CBD, no other Cannabinoids.

Do I have to pay shipping when I place an order on this site?

No… Shipping is free on Hempindica.net

What is the return policy?

See our return policy at the bottom of the page, click the link.

Can I take CBD when I am pregnant?

Consult your physician before starting CBD while pregnant.

Is CBD legal to Ship in USA?

Yes As long as the CBD is <.3% THC and has been produced with Industrial Hemp.

Does Hempindica use Organic Oils in there products?

es Hempindica sources the highest quality Organic materials to create their products.

What is the maximum amount of THC allowed in CBD products?

<.3% THC by weight. Or 3mg per gram by weight. Example: Tinctures are 30ml or 30grams. 3mg * 30g= 90mg THC per bottle.

What is 3rd party testing?

3rd Party testing is when a CBD company ships off their finished formulation to a facility that will verify the amount of CBD and other Cannabinoids, as well as other quality control tests.

Does Hempindica do 3rd Party Testing?

Yes, All Distillates are Full Panel Tested before they meet our Laboratory Quality Control Requirements. Cannabinoid profile, Pesticides, Mytotoxins, Heavy Metals, Contaminants are tested before product formulation.

I have a CBD Shop in New York? Can I buy in bulk and label it myself?

Yes, white label services are available, contact customer service for the requirements.