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New and Improved RAW CBD Extract!

New and Improved RAW CBD Extract!
Our latest batch of RAW CBD Extract has more of everything you love. With 10 different Cannabinoids including Delta10, This RAW CBD will give you the results you need!
Check out this profile of essential cannabinoids! You get all this in EVERY GRAM!
  • CBD 48mg
  • CBDA 38mg
  • CBDV 3mg
  • CBG 3mg
  • CBC 5mg
  • CBDVA 4mg
  • CBGA 1mg
  • THCA-A 1mg
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What Sets Our Custom CBD Products Apart

At Hempindica, we firmly believe in the use of a Whole Plant Complex in our Custom Product Line. We only use Hemp from the absolute highest quality strains and genetics, because we know the difference between a great product, and one that takes up space on the shelf.

Our Flagship Product is our RAW CBD Hemp Extract, which contains all the original fats, waxes, terpenes, flavonoids, and chlorophyll that exists naturally in Hemp – including over 100 unique cannabinoids.

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About HempIndica’s Custom CBD Products

Hempindica is a wholesale retail Hemp Company based in Colorado. Since 2013, Hempindica has been active in the CBD space online. We offer high quality retail formulations as well as white label or branded wholesale CBD products.

We focus on custom formulations, innovative product development and quality RAW CBD Extracts. Hempindica is an online warehouse, and CBD Product fulfillment center.

Less than .3% THC

Hempindica believes in truth in labeling, 3rd party testing, and HIGH POTENCY, quality CBD products. All of our products are guaranteed to be at or below the minimum 0.3% THC marker.

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