Bust in to the Hemp Industry for Wholesale CBD and Hemp Sales

Looking to get started in the legal hemp industry? Don’t get swept up in multi-level marketing or reselling the same tired products everyone else carries.

Hempindica provides access to the most diverse and potent product lines anywhere! From over 950 combinations of Full Spectrum CBD Oil to Custom Hemp Products.

Our products are developed, produced, labeled and shipped from our pharmaceutical grade lab environment in the mountains of Colorado, and our knowledgeable team of formulators make getting your business off the ground fast and easy!

We offer dropshipping and affiliate sales for beginners with no upfront risk, as well as full support for starting your own brand or physical store location. All at the best prices and easiest setup you’ll find anywhere.

Use the menu below to find the best solution for your business, and let us know how we can help by contacting us in the chat box below, or by sending us an email.

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Services We Offer

Wholesale CBD and Hemp Sales
Let Hempindica help you with your wholesale hemp and cbd sales journey!

CBD Dropshipping

Looking to get started with your own ecom website or make in person catalog sales in your community? Our industry-leading and incredibly simple dropshipping program has what you need. With so many custom options available, you will easily be able to stand out from the crowd by offering high quality, unique products. Most dropshipping programs have a very narrow selection of potency options and flavors. Your customers will appreciate all the options you have available. Pair that with our great shipping rates & fast turnaround and you’ve got a combination for success.

Once you are signed up with us as a dropshipping partner, you are ready to make sales – it’s as simple as that. If you are running a website, you will need a payment processor. When a customer places an order, just let our fulfillment team know and we will ship it out SAME DAY in most cases to the customer with YOUR business name and information.

You can also choose to send them some very affordable samples so you can earn respect and give your customers an idea of all you can offer.

No hidden fees, no upfront risk, no nonsense. Discover how easy it is to get up and running with the support of our formulators and consultants. 

Wholesale Hemp and CBD Affiliate Sales
Get these Gluten and Sugar Free CBD Gummies Wholesale only at Hempindica!

CBD Affiliate Sales

Do you run an online blog, review site, social media channel or have connections within your community? Our affiliate program might be for you.

It’s incredibly easy – we provide you with a custom link to our shop with a unique identifier that lets us know you made the sale. The customer is directed to our checkout page, and when we receive payment, we ship out the order and you get PAID. This is great for those having an issue getting a payment processor, or who already have a following online, from which you can recommend products.

Use your own unique methods to promote and sell any of our thousands of product options and get the added benefit of lots of nice backlinks for your website’s SEO by linking to our online cart.

Easy to set up, no hassles, no upfront risk.

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White Label CBD Program

So you’ve done the legwork – you have a payment processor, a website or store, and you have a brand name and logo. Sign up to see how easy it is to get your branded products sourced and selling with our White Label Program.

Our White Label Program gives you access to thousands of unique, custom products to sell as your own brand. With so many options available, you will stand out from the pack can only offer a narrow range of potencies and custom flavors. Our production team will work with you to create beautiful, eye catching custom labels with all the information you want to include.

Our design team can help you with setting up the pages on your website if you need help, and our formulators and consultants are here to answer your questions. We have your back so your customers can feel secure in ordering from you in the future. Request custom catalogs and custom packaging for your local store or online site.

No restrictions paired with a vast and ever-expanding product line and custom branding options makes out White Label Program the best in the industry. Easy to set up, low MOQ requirements and the best support you can find!

cbd infused superfood powdersPrivate Label CBD Program

Want to create a completely unique formulation for your brand? We can help you stand out. With our Private Label Program, you have full access to our formulation team, who will help you create the perfect product for your brand. Our web design team will load the products into your site if you like and create custom banners to feature on your front page.

Customize your products or you entire line with terpenes, herbs, minerals, vitamins, superfoods or whatever else you can think of, in any potency you desire. Have a customer with very specific needs? Let us know what you need and we’ll do everything we can do make it happen for you and your customers.

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Franchise Opportunities and Physical Locations

Let us set you up from start to finish! Get access to all our amazing products, and create completely new formulations – whatever you can think of… With our franchise package, we do everything for you. We will build you a custom ecommerce site, provide your store (if you want a physical location) with displays, cases, brochures and of course a fully customized product line. Set up a consultation to learn all that we can do for you!

Hit us up on the chat below for more information, or email us. We’ll get back to you ASAP!