Buy CBD Soap

Give your shower routine an extra lift with our CBD-infused bar soaps! Not only is showering a time to clean off—it’s also a time to soothe your mind, relieve tension, and promote wellness. That’s why our CBD soap is such a great addition to your routine! Browse our wide selection, and learn more below.

What Is CBD Soap?

CBD soap is bar soap infused with full-spectrum CBD, which is quickly absorbed through your skin. All of our bar soaps are made with natural, organic ingredients of the highest quality, enhanced with herbs and essences that stimulate your senses, relieve pain and promote relaxation.

How Does It Work?

As with all of our products, our soaps are made with high-quality, full spectrum CBD. This is a derivative of the hemp plant that supports your endocannabinoid system to regulate pain, stress and anxiety. Not only do our soaps deliver these natural benefits of CBD, they also offer the full spectrum of soap benefits. Depending on what you’re looking for, our skincare products can hydrate skin, help fight the appearance of aging, help soothe sunburn or irritation, treat blemishes and acne, and soothe muscle tension and general soreness.

Soothing Scents

From soap made with honey, to goat milk, to Dead Sea salt, to cocoa— we offer a variety of ingredients, textures and scents for a combination that works for you and your skin. We have soaps that exfoliate, hydrate and cleanse—and they ALL offer all of the benefits of CBD. You can’t go wrong. Shop today!

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