Custom Products and Formulations

Does your supplier offer custom product formulations? Having this as an option will allow you to set yourself apart from the competition and offer truly unique products for specific niches in your market. Remember, anyone can buy CBD at almost any major retailer or health food store – so they need to have a reason to choose your products. Sometimes it can be as simple as having a little more potency, or a few extra flavors or sizes – so make sure your supplier gives you these options.


Product Quality

What are the quality of the products you are sourcing? Like we mentioned above, anyone can go to a health food store and buy a cookie cutter CBD oil product – the issuse is these products oftentimes are mass produced as cheaply as possible using questionable methods and unnecessary additives and preservatives for extended shelf life. This is good news for your brand, because anything you can do to improve on what is widely available is going to catapult you forward in the market.

We offer the widest selection you’ll find anywhere with over 950 combinations of completely custom CBD Oil and a full range of products from topicals to pet products.


Wide Range of Solutions Available

Make sure as many of your needs are met under one roof as possible. Things can get very complicated when you are sourcing products from one company, having them labeled at another, and fulfilled at a separate warehouse. At Hempindica, we formulate, test, label, pack and ship your brand’s products in house at our Colorado Laboratory. Our entire team is able to communicate with each other to provide you with the best experience possible – and less stops along the supply line means less headaches for you and your customers.



The proof is in the pudding – What do the lab results say?

Looking into Choosing a CBD or Hemp Wholesaler who creates the best products can take time. Take a good hard look at their lab results. Most suppliers don’t put as much effort as they should into their creations. This means diluted products that just barely meet the mark. We take great pride in providing the most potent formulations on the market, and our lab results show it.



Are Consultations Available?

Does your supplier offer free consultations to help you succeed? At Hempindica, your success is our business. At any time, our customers are encouraged to contact us to discuss strategies, formulations, branding, web design, SEO and anything else you might need help with. You won’t find this level of support anywhere.

Hempindica is FULL SERVICE Hemp Products Supplier. If you need it, we can get it. Our clients run successful businesses by utilizing our unique product line, industry-leading quality, and our top notch support.

Please feel free to chat with us in the bottom-right corner or send us an email to request a wholesale catalog and get started on your Hemp Business Journey. We offer Low minimums, fast turnaround times and great shipping rates. Give us a try and let us show you the difference!