CBD For Dogs:  Try It!

The ever-growing popularity of the CBD health and wellness trend now extends to include specialty pet products designed to provide the same therapeutic relief for your furry companions. As a responsible pet owner, you likely have your pet’s best interest at heart, and their overall well-being is your top priority. Therefore, we have designed this article to help you learn more about CBD for dogs to see if it may be right for your furry friend.

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound formally referred to as a cannabinoid. A plant-based component secreted by hemp and cannabis (marijuana), CBD has been scientifically accredited with a host of symptom-relieving properties and potential health applications.

Despite being one of the most well-researched cannabinoids to date, very few studies aimed to discover the effects of CBD on dogs. Fortunately, an accumulation of anecdotal evidence has prompted a demand for more pet-focused studies and in-depth research.


The therapeutic qualities of CBD stem directly from its interactions with our internal endocannabinoid system (ECS). Present in all mammals (including canines), the ECS is a critical biological function responsible for establishing and maintaining health.

The endocannabinoid system regulates essential bodily functions, including appetite, pain perception, sleep, and immune system health. Cannabinoids such as CBD influence this highly sophisticated system to help restore a state of homeostasis within the body and to provide therapeutic relief where it is needed most.


First-hand testimonials report many of the same therapeutic benefits of CBD in their pets as in human consumers. As promising as this may be, very few pet-focused CBD studies have actually been conducted. Despite limited scientific data, the evidence gathered thus far has been highly encouraging:

  • Chronic pain management: Potent anti-inflammatory properties contribute significantly to pain reduction. As concluded in a study conducted by Cornell University, there was a “…significant decrease in pain and increase in activity with CBD oil.”
  • Alleviates anxiety: While this assertion remains purely anecdotal for pets, research supports the same claim in a human model.
  • Seizure management: Preliminary data published by Colorado State University claims that “…89% of dogs who received CBD in a clinical trial had a reduction in the frequency of seizures.”
  • Cancer-fighting and prevention: Research into this claim, even in a human model, is still very much in its infancy. However, preliminary data accredits CBD with anti-tumor properties, as well as the ability to help stop the spread of cancerous cells.



Ultimately, the decision of beginning a CBD regimen for your pet is yours to make. Few veterinarians will even discuss this possibility under threat of legal liability. Therefore, it is up to you to analyze the studies and decide for yourself whether CBD could be a suitable solution for the well-being and health of your pet.


Specialty CBD-infused pet products are offered in a variety of formats, including treats, tinctures, and chews. While oil-based compositions have proven most effective, they are often difficult to administer to pets. Consider offering your dog a CBD-infused biscuit for fast and easy dosing practices.


Here at Hempindica, we are proud to provide both you and your pets top-shelf products infused with high-quality hemp-derived CBD. Browse our great selection of specialty dog products and be sure to check out our other great offerings for yourself!

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