CBD Isolate -One Gram to several Ounces. Colorado grown and processed.

KRG Holding CBD Isolate 99.9% Pure Crystal Powder Isolate CBD for your formulations or CBD Regimen. One Gram to one 1oz jars of Isolate are the perfect fit for folks on an aggressive single molecule CBD Regimen, or use to create products at home or start a brand to bring to market. KRG specializes in processing hemp flower into quality, pure crystal CBD Isolate and is offering Kgs to Formulators and Brokerage Firms. NOW you can purchase an oz size jar at a reasonable price. Dont overpay for CBD Isolate anymore, get straight from the source, KRG ( a division of Hempindica)

27,972 mg CBD in every Jar! WOW!

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99.9_ Isolate




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