5 Gram Jar Raw CBD + 1oz Tincture-1000mg BASIC CBD REGIMEN- Full Spectrum Combo Pack


This listing is for a COMBO-Pack RAW CBD PLUS a 1000mg 10z-30ml Tincture. We are sure you will get relief from this combo-pack. These are the TWO TOP SELLERS on the Hempindica site so we decided to put them together . CHOOSE the tincture of of your choice to match up with 5 grams of RAW CBD OIL, complete with the following Cannabinoids..and more.

Our Current Batch of Raw CBD consists of but not limited to the following Cannabinoids.

CBD- Cannabidiol – 40mg per gram

CBDA- Cannabidiolic Acid- 62mg per gram

CBDV- Cannabidivarin 1mg per gram

CBG- Cannabigerol 1mg per gram

CBC- Cannabichromene 3mg per gram

CBN- Cannabinol 1mg per gram

THC- Tetrahydrocannabinol 2mg per gram (3mg legal limit)

NEXT, add a high potency tincture (1000mg / oz) to this RAW CBD profile, and you now have the strongest CBD Combo pack available.

Try this combo pack today. You will be glad you did!

Each order comes complete with 5 grams RAW CBD PLUS 1oz 1000mg Tincture bottle!!

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