CBD Salve For Sale

Relax your muscles, calm your spirit, and nourish your skin with CBD-infused topicals by Hempindica. CBD salve is an excellent moisturizer and leaves skin feeling silky, smooth, and never greasy. Infused with 150mg of CBD and available in both peppermint and lemongrass scents, these blends are crafted with hemp oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, and organic terpenes that will forever change the way you view moisturizing balms.


Salves are potent and all-natural skin care products that have been specially formulated to calm your senses and soothe your skin, all while providing a deeply relaxing effect. With the addition of cannabidiol and all of its therapeutic properties, these CBD-infused topical salves are capable of delivering localized and long-lasting relief. Various studies demonstrate CBD's efficacy in managing inflammation and joint pain, as well as providing localized relief for muscle pain and chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


To experience the full range of benefits offered by CBD, merely apply the salve directly onto clean, dry skin. Using slow, circular motions, gently massage the ointment into your skin. This process allows the balm to more successfully penetrate skin tissues, thereby bestowing its moisturizing properties into the body. The all-natural ingredients work hand-in-hand with CBD to help improve the overall state of your skin health.


CBD salves are the ideal choice for anyone seeking fast-acting relief from painful muscles or joints, or for those with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. This blend of organic plant-based oils infused with CBD invigorates tired muscles, nourishes and protects dry skin, and may even help ease some temporary discomforts. Try this unique formula today to nurture your skin and to add the therapeutic benefits of CBD to your everyday life!

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