CBD Massage Oil For Sale

CBD massage oils by Hempindica are able to compliment any massage need or technique by bringing nature’s finest oils together in perfect harmony. Our proprietary blend is crafted with coconut, hemp seed, black seed, and peppermint oils, infused with 250mg of CBD. This is the ideal product for relieving built-up tension and minor aches and pains.


Beginning with a small amount, gently massage the oil into the skin. Apply extra pressure if desired, and repeat as you see fit. Our massage oils are ideal for problem areas such as sore joints or muscles and are able to deliver fast-acting and localized pain relief. Our CBD massage oils will melt away tension and can help to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin.


Cannabidiol (CBD) offers a myriad of health benefits and is available in many different formats. By implementing a CBD-infused topical or massage oil, these benefits can be localized, making them ideal for targeting specific areas that require particular attention. Massage oils by Hempindica combine all of the refreshing and relaxing effects of a massage with the therapeutic properties of CBD!


There are several advantages to receiving a CBD-infused massage, including:
  • Reducing chronic pain: CBD-infused oils have been found to alleviate stress, lower blood pressure, and aid in muscle recovery. During a CBD massage, muscles are naturally loosened to minimize pain and allow for faster healing.
  • Improve skin health: When applied transdermally via massage, CBD has shown to promote skin health. It fights to reduce the production of oil in the skin, which discourages acne and blemish development.
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety: Receiving a massage is already an ideal way to reduce stress. The addition of CBD provides anti-anxiety properties as well. These relaxing effects are a great way to recover from the stresses of everyday life.

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