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With obesity rates soaring to an all-time high, many consumers are actively searching for an alternative weight management aid that is both safe and natural. Our CBD-infused weight loss aids are specially formulated to help you shed any unwanted pounds and finally achieve the figure that you’ve always desired. Combined with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, our products can help you accomplish your overall weight loss goal! Browse our products below and continue reading to understand how CBD can help you achieve your ideal weight.

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Our CBD-infused Yerba Mate tea is a great option for weight loss. This product includes 100mg-500mg CBD and is available in packs of 8 large tea bags with 7 grams of CBD. Enjoy the benefits of Yerba Mate tea, a common ingredient in many weight loss systems, combined with CBD!


According to current research, there are three primary ways that CBD can potentially help consumers slim down and keep unwanted pounds at bay:
  • Encourages the breakdown of fat: Researchers have concluded that CBD could potentially play a crucial role in helping the body break down unhealthy fat cells by stimulating one's internal fat burning mechanism. Other studies claim that CBD is capable of burning calories by increasing mitochondrial activity.
  • Helps manage blood sugar levels: With CBD's help, the body can be encouraged to initiate the fat burning process, which results not only in an increase in weight loss but in an improvement in glucose tolerance as well. Research also suggests how CBD is capable of contributing to a drop in insulin resistance, which could be used to help control or even prevent the development of diabetes.
  • Aids in the removal of toxins: Certain studies have demonstrated CBD's potential to help eliminate dangerous toxins from the body, which could additionally aid in the fat burning process.


There are two forms of body fat—white and brown fat. White fat is deposited around internal organs and under the skin and is visually apparent when present in excess. Alternatively, brown fat is responsible for keeping the body warm and speeding up metabolism. Current research demonstrates that CBD can potentially help convert white fat into brown fat. Browse some of our best-selling CBD weight loss aids, and begin your journey to better health today!

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