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An excellent substitute for coffee and other overly caffeinated beverages, our CBD energy products offer a natural and ideal way to recharge your batteries when you need it most. Our proprietary formulas provide all-day energy and are designed to keep you going with none of the jitters. With Hempindica, you can hope to experience all of the therapeutic benefits of CBD, including pain-relieving qualities and a reduction in anxiety, which in itself is a considerable advantage over caffeine-based energy products. Explore our products, and learn more below!

CanChew CBD Gum



Our CBD-infused Yerba Mate tea is the perfect coffee substitute. This product includes 100mg-500mg CBD and is available in packs of 8 large tea bags with 7 grams of CBD. Enjoy the benefits of Yerba Mate tea combined with CBD for a great morning riser or a midday refresher!


Cannabidiol (CBD) appeals to many consumers due to its active role in energy production. An ever-growing body of scientific evidence supports these claims, with researchers concluding that CBD is capable of naturally increasing energy levels by strengthening specific cells in the body that are directly responsible for symptoms of sluggishness and general sleepiness. This, in turn, helps reignite focus and improve mental clarity. These traits are especially favorable among athletes and consumers with other physically demanding professions.


In addition to providing consumers with a boost in energy levels and overall focus, CBD offers a host of other therapeutic benefits that can be applied to help alleviate a number of disorders. Commonly utilized as an effective pain-management treatment, cannabidiol has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is widely believed to be a far safer alternative to many traditionally prescribed pharmaceutical medications. Studies also suggest that CBD could be a sound approach to managing symptoms of anxiety and depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, epileptic and non-epileptic seizures, high blood pressure, and many other conditions.


Our CBD energy products and other offerings are made using only the highest-quality CBD attainable. We offer a wide variety of affordable products, all of which are entirely legal throughout the country. Priority shipping is applied to all orders to ensure prompt delivery, and we ship to all 50 states.

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