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Eat and drink all of the things you enjoy while also experiencing the physical and mental benefits of CBD! Our CBD edibles include gummies, candies, superfood powder, gum, teas and more—so you can get wellness in whichever format works best for your body and lifestyle.

CanChew CBD Gum


Many Ways To Enjoy CBD

Our CBD-infused superfood powders are perfect for adding a nutritious boost to smoothies, water, food, you name it. Or have a sip of our CBD-infused teas for calming and relaxing feelings before bed or an extra energy boost when you wake up. Chew it on the go with infused gum. Or how about a fun snack of fruity gummies or candy?

Why CBD?

CBD helps promote wellness and balance in the body, supporting its endocannabinoid system, which regulates hormonal and stress responses. Some people report that it also helps soothe inflammation and relieve nausea.

Why Edibles?

Edibles are believed to be the most efficient way to get the health benefits of CBD. Since the CBD is absorbed directly into your cells through your digestive system, the effects are more immediate. Whichever way you choose to consume CBD, you can be confident in the quality and health benefits our hemp edibles provide. Shop today!

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