The purpose of this article is to help explain what you need to know about CBD, and how to shop for the CBD products that work best for you.

It can be hard to find accurate information about CBD on the Internet. The information is out there, but it is very scattered. This article should help you to learn what you need to know about the basics of Hemp CBD products. If you need to know more, our site provides many external links to reputable sources that describe what CBD is and what it does.

To be clear, CBD is not THC. CBD is best understood as a dietary substance that is derived from either hemp or the cannabis plant. CBD is in no way psychoactive like THC and cannot get you “high”. CBD derived from hemp is legal almost worldwide, and is completely safe according to all the best available scientific research articles. For more details on the difference between CBD and THC, please see our article “CBD vs. THC: What’s The Difference?”

Even when you are fully educated on what CBD is and how it can help you…now what? There are many products and many mediums by which it can be taken. Which one is appropriate for your needs? Or the needs of your family?

The purpose of is to spread the good word about CBD and provide the best quality Hemp CBD products available. But a happy customer is an informed customer. We want you to know what you are getting. We want to help you make the best decision for your own needs, because everyone is a little different. You should feel 100% informed and 100% comfortable with your purchases. This article should help you make informed decisions.

Criteria on How to Buy

CBD Hempindica will always insist that you start with a Raw CBD Regimen. In other words, the foundation of your CBD treatment should consist of Raw CBDA, (non-decarb)…at least a portion of your Multicannabinoid Paste should have CBDA. Raw CBD has the fullest spectrum of Cannabinoids and should be used daily in conjunction with your Supplements: capsules, gummies, tinctures, vapes…etc.  Inquire about our Raw CBD Regimen RAW (Relief and Wellness) through our contact page and start today.


CBD products come in many different forms. Being able to judge and compare these products is an important part of making a good decision about what you should purchase. Many of the products may seem identical—but all CBD products are not created equal.

Below, we will discuss the most important aspects of CBD products and how to tell them apart.

CBD Volume

How much CBD does the product contain? Different CBD products contain different quantities of CBD. There is no such thing as too much CBD, but it is a good idea to know how much you are ingesting. When checking for the quantity of CBD, make sure it refers to CBD volume itself, not overall hemp oil.


Hemp Oil Volume

Hemp oil itself is very nutritional, but is not the same as CBD content. If you are buying a CBD product, you should be looking for the amount of CBD actually present in the product. While CBD is often present in hemp oil, you don’t necessarily know how much.

As a comparison, people often take fish oil for its beneficial properties. Fish oil contains DHA and EPA. But if you are shopping for DHA, you should be paying attention to how much actual DHA is present in the fish oil, not the fish oil itself. So it is with hemp oil and CBD. The compounds in hemp oil vary, so it is not an accurate indication of CBD quantity.

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Another measure of CBD quantity is the concentration, or the total amount of CBD in relation to the total amount of product it comes in (whether a pill, a drink, a cream, etc.) Along with CBD volume, CBD concentration is often considered one of the more important features of a product.

At, we offer a range of CBD concentrations in our products. Obviously, the concentration you choose depends on how much CBD you think you need to take, and the type of product you are using.

A new user should probably start with 50mg mg a day, since this is a usual small dose for an adult. You can start with a higher dose too if you prefer. It all depends on how much you need. But most importantly, CBD should be taken regularly to realize the most benefit. There is no dangerous, toxic, or psychoactive effect from CBD, so whatever reasonable amount you choose to take, you will be quite safe. If you start off with50mg per day for a week, you can then determine if that dose works for you or if you need to take more.



Types of CBD Products

CBD is a very healthy natural substance with a variety of uses, and can be consumes in a number of different ways. As you might expect, different types of CBD oil products offer different kinds of benefits, and also have certain limitations.

Some CBD oil products, for instance, have more concentration, whereas others are more convenient for using when you’re on the go. Some come with delicious flavors that make ingestion more pleasant, whereas others come completely raw with high concentration for maximum effect. Some can be used as drops or tinctures, whereas others are used as a gum, a gummy, a snack or a drink. Some even come in a “vape” form for those of you who prefer inhaling with a vaporizer.

CBD Capsules   

CBD Capsules are much like any other conventional pill. Usually containing powdered hemp oil with a high CBD concentration, they are very convenient to use and can be carried wherever you go. It is easy to keep track of your daily dosage because it is always the same. Your options are a little limited if you want to “fine tune” your intake, as the pills offer only a set dose. If you are interested in going this route, CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING:

Powder Capsules: 50mg…….100mg   Taken with food these are very effective..put in smoothies , take with juice or water…FULL SPECTRUM

Compressed Tablets 50mg….100mg   With or without food, excellent bioavailability, quick absorption…Pure Medical Grade Isolate in a pill….ZERO THC/CBD ISOLATE

Hemp Softgel (liquid) 50mg                  With or without food, MAX absorption of any of the capsules….High Quality Colorado Grown Hemp Extract in a Pill…….FULL SPECTRUM


CBD chewing gums are, like pills, easy to carry on your person. They are a good choice for busy people who would like to incorporate the health benefits of CBD into their busy life, and they are more enjoyable than pills. Gums are also an inconspicuous way to ingest CBD for those who are self-conscious about using vaporizers or taking pills. Canchew is a great product to try out if you enjoy chewing gum.

These chewing gums have a nice hemp and mint flavor that many people enjoy. Like many gums, they come with sweeteners and natural flavors. Of course, if you don’t want to taste anything at all, maybe the gum isn’t the best choice for you.

The dosage adjustment of the gum form has the same limitation as the pill. You can only increase your intake by chewing more gum. If you need more CBD, you may need to combine this medium with another kind of product. One example would be a tincture.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are a popular form of CBD and quite possibly the most versatile. They come in many different flavors and different strengths. And if you need to increase your CBD intake, the droppers are precisely measured. If you want to take more, you count more drops.

There are two basic ways to take a tincture: you can take it sublingually (under the tongue) or you can add it to drinks. When taken sublingually, the CBD is more fast-acting, which is another advantage. If you are interested in trying a great tincture check out Tasty Hemp Oil, which comes in four delicious flavors.

Tinctures come in a variety of flavors, and are very popular with people who use CBD on a daily basis. But if you don’t want the flavors, you might be better off using a capsule. Or perhaps you would like to try a topical product.

CBD Topicals

CBD lotions, balms and creams offer a unique advantage over other products, in that you can apply the product to specific areas of your body that are sore or stiff. CBD is absorbable through the skin. If you have a sore ankle, you can target the ankle. This is something you can’t do with the other products. Plus CBD oil balm is a great place to start.

On the other hand, these products tend to be a bit more expensive than other types of products. Additionally, they are a bit more slow-acting as they must be absorbed through the skin.


If you are looking for the purest, simplest and strongest CBD products, many people turn to the RAW CBD oils.  Check out the Hempindica Raw CBD

Like all other CBD products, CBD oil is completely safe to use. They are designed to be taken orally. They often come in a syringe, which may seem daunting to the beginner. However they are quite easy to use.

CBD Vaporizers

For those of you who are interested, the vaporizer is a unique approach to ingesting CBD. Former smokers often use a form of the vaporizer called a “e-cig” or “e-pen”. CBD vaporizers are an enjoyable way to ingest CBD for some people. They work by heating a liquid up into a vapor so it can be inhaled.

The Tasty Hemp Starter Kit is a great introduction to using this type of product.

Vaporizers are typically made up of two parts: the battery and the cartridge or tank. The battery is usually rechargeable via USB. A cartridge is a pre-filled container that you simply attach to the battery. A tank is similar to a cartridge except that you can buy the fluid and fill the tank. This is sometimes a cheaper if slightly more high-maintenance approach.

The CBD “vape” oil present in the cartridge or tank is specially treated to be easily vaporized by the heat of the e-pen, and ingestion occurs by inhaling.  This method of ingestion is very quick-acting and enjoyable for some people. It may not be for everyone, as its main appeal is that it provides a sensation similar to smoking. But if you enjoy vaping, you will love using a quality CBD vape oil..SEE HEMPINDICA VAPE CARTRIDGES



Hempindica Grateful Gummies are the most popular Gummy oin the market..10mg…20mg…25mg…50mg…


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