How Does CBD Make You Feel?

You may have heard of the potential benefits of CBD but are unsure if you’ll want to use it because you don’t know how it will make you feel. In this article, we will thoroughly explain all you need to know about what to expect after consuming a CBD-based product and how it will make you feel.


The effects of CBD are incredibly subtle. One must be highly in tune with their own physical and mental states to notice its presence. Unlike THC, you will not become intoxicated in any way after consuming cannabidiol. You will not feel high, sluggish, stoned, or otherwise sedated. Instead, you can expect to experience one or several of the following effects:


Anecdotal claims that praise CBD as an effective pain-management treatment continue to grow by the day. This extends well beyond professional athletes who utilize this therapeutic compound as part of their training and recovery regimens, and includes consumers suffering from pain ranging anywhere from mild to chronic.

These pain-relieving effects are widely accredited to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Depending on the delivery method, consumers can hope to feel relief almost immediately. Being a safe and generally very well-tolerated compound, CBD has the potential to be a superior treatment option when compared to most traditionally prescribed pharmaceutical pain killers. Whereas traditional pain killers often include dangerous side-effects, an adequate risk of developing a physical dependency to the drug, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms once treatment has been discontinued, CBD does not.

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The ever-increasing stresses of daily life have significantly contributed to the rise of various anxiety disorders. Despite the availability of effective pharmaceutical medications, the demand for safer, natural, and organic treatments has escalated exponentially in recent years. Cannabidiol is able to meet all of these demands effectively and is already regularly utilized by consumers all around the world to combat overwhelming symptoms of anxiety.

What makes CBD such an effective anxiety treatment is its ability to calm overly active neurotransmitters by redirecting specific brain signals during particularly stressful situations. Almost immediately after consumption, consumers can hope to experience a calmer and much more relaxed mental state.

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Contrary to popular belief, CBD is a psychoactive compound, despite not inducing any intoxicating or sedating effects. These traits can make it an ideal alternative treatment for symptoms of varying levels of depression, a condition that is directly correlated with low serotonin production levels.

Traditional treatments for depressive symptoms include medications that are designed to induce an elevated mood by boosting serotonin production, a feat that CBD has demonstrated as well. Current research into the psychoactive properties of cannabidiol suggests how it can effectively elevate one’s mood and combat symptoms of depression by enhancing the neurotransmitters that are responsible for serotonin production and regulation.


Mounting evidence suggests CBD’s ability to naturally boost energy levels by strengthening distinct cells that are directly responsible for regulating symptoms of tiredness. Less daytime sleepiness, in turn, helps to improve mental clarity and promote focus. Unlike caffeine-based coffees and energy drinks, CBD does not provoke an immediate spike in energy levels. Instead, it provides long-lasting relief from daytime drowsiness.

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An improvement in the quality and length of time spent asleep is directly linked to CBD’s energizing effects and its ability to effectively fight symptoms of daytime somnolence. Having an adequate supply of energy to function during the day should correlate to much more natural, healthy, and sound sleep at night.

Additionally, CBD’s pain-relieving and stress reducing qualities may help quiet other symptoms that could be keeping you awake at night. This ability to treat varying symptoms simultaneously adequately demonstrates the superiority of CBD over other traditionally prescribed pharmaceutical treatment options.

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Cannabidiol will affect everyone differently. There are a wide variety of CBD-infused products that are currently available on the market today, each more or less effective at combating specific conditions. With a bit of independent research and personal experimentation, you can hope to find the ideal product and dosage that will best fit your needs. If you need help getting started, check out our post on the Best Ways To Take CBD Oil!


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